My wife and I just returned from a trip to Tennessee to visit our son and his family for a few days.

When we travel by car, she and I really like to get off of the interstate and on to the back roads.  There's usually a lot less traffic, more quaint little towns and more beautiful scenery.  So, on the way to Tennessee we took US Route 70 heading west from Asheville, NC, a route we had taken several times before and we were looking forward to the pleasant drive.  About 30 miles west of Asheville, however, we saw signs that said, "Tennessee Traffic, Detour Ahead."  So we ended up seeing country side that was new to us, and going through Greenville, TN.  We discovered that Greenville, TN was the home of Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the United States and we stopped and toured the National Historical Site there.  We also enjoyed lunch as Ma and Pa's Restaurant, which is another blog.

We arrived at my son's about 4 hours later than we anticipated, but we had a great time exploring new places and even met some people that made our trip more pleasant.

It made me think, though, how often in life we start to do something and run into a "detour."  How do we handle those little (or sometimes not so little) interruptions we encounter in our efforts to go through our routines.  It seems to me that maybe these little detours may be life's way of telling us that there are other ways to approach a situation or job than we may have considered.  Or even, we can learn something new from the detours we encounter.

So, bring on the detours!  We'll get around them and enjoy the process!

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  1. Having had some 'interesting' detours myself, I can add a hearty 'amen' to your observations.