Check Engine

Ever have one of those days, when there is  suddenly an unplanned, unscheduled event injected into your life?  Like the "Check Engine" light on your car's dashboard? 

I don't know about you, but the Check Engine light cause me a lot of uncertainty and frustration.  Like, okay, how do I go about checking the engine, anyway.  I know it's still up there cause I can hear it running and the RPM gauge is registering and the car is still moving along the interstate, but beyond that, who knows?  And besides, I really don't have time for this today.  I've got appointments and things to do, but in the back of my mind there's the "Check Engine" situation.  So I did one appointment and then whipped into my trusty Volvo repair shop and begged for them to take a look.  Sure, they said, no problem, just be a few minutes, they said.  Which dragged into an hour, then two hours, then two and a half hours, which was not built into my day.  But, they finally got around to my car (I have to say, they were really busy, and I appreciate them working me in) and got the light turned off, ordered a new part that will, hopefully, keep it off and I was back on the road.

But for 2 and a half hours, I had an opportunity to assess and reassess some of my plans and activities and make some changes in the way I do things.  And a chance to reflect on a lot of issues.  So, sometimes, a forced break in the routine can be a good thing.  Check Engine!


  1. Hopefully the check engine light is not causing you to consider moving to the rent-a-wreck pictured?

  2. I believe that the "check engine" light must have brought more anxiety than relief to car owners. It's like saying "I'm sick, but I can't tell what it is". At least the mechanics got a hold of it, and hopefully keep it from lighting up again in the future. Good move on bringing it to the garage; who knows what would've happened if you ignored it. It is certainly worth taking the time off your usual routine. Cheers!
    Taleen Kizirian@